We believe the term brand-story is something that comes from a truly authentic and organic place. Every organization or business, no matter the size or mission, has a unique, personal brand-story; the reason why it all started. Our role is to help you define that story and tell it in a unique, visually engaging way - communicating and elevating your brand to your audience. 





What sets FLOWSTATE Films apart from other production companies is our dedication to discovering the core story for each client and determining the most effective, visual way to tell that story. This requires close collaboration with the client from the kick-off through the final delivery of the product. We pride ourselves in having a well-defined and unique creative process that guides the project to its ultimate goal.


Story Map

A proprietary document that is designed to uncover the fundamental story you want us to tell. We give you this prior to the kick-off meeting to brainstorm and then go over it in detail during the meeting where all other pertinent information is discussed.


Once the Story Map is complete, our team collaborates on the creative treatment and approach for your video. Once approved, our writers work on a draft and then final script. Here, we incorporate any and all elements gathered from the Story Map document and the treatment.


During this phase we deliver the project schedule, the shot list, and any proof of concept elements. This phase also includes pre-production coordination, crewing up, and casting any needed talent. The planning phase is intended to map out and plan the entire trajectory of the project.


We run a professional, fun, and efficient set on all our productions. Communication and preparation are key to this process. We ensure that the crew, talent and client are fully informed of the schedule, scope and goals of the production. We encourage our clients to have at least one representative from their team on set with us to act as our subject matter expert and to also enjoy and participate in the process of filmmaking!


The final phase of our process is the edit, this is where everything that we have been planning for comes together. There are three deliverables and two reviews in the finishing process:

  • Rough Cut → Client Review
  • Fine Cut → Client Review
  • Final Cut → Final Master Delivered
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