The Joy of Storytelling

We recently wrapped up a unique branded film project for a LASIK practice in Rockville, MD. The practice, Re:Vision, Roy Rubinfeld MD, was giving away the gift of LASIK to a deserving member of the community - a local hero. We were tasked with documenting the winner from when he found out he won, through the procedure, to his life afterwards to show the impact LASIK had on his everyday life. Little did I know that this project would have a powerful impact on me.

The winner was Rob Scheer. An amazingly kind, generous, and driven man who personifies perseverance and dedication. A man who wound up homeless as a teenager due to multiple terrible situations at home, and instead of growing up with resentment and anger, used his experiences to make something incredible of his life and to give back to the community with his non-profit organization, Comfort Cases. The Re:Vision team could not have chosen a more deserving individual to be the recipient of this gift.

Rob Scheer and Maurice Scheer with their kids on the Scheer family farm.

Rob Scheer and Maurice Scheer with their kids on the Scheer family farm.

Getting to meet and spend time with Rob and his family because of my job reminded me of how lucky I am to be a storyteller in all the many forms it takes. Whether it’s a branded film like the one with Rob, a marketing video for George Washington School of Business or a feature length documentary on the integration of the State Department, we are privileged to meet and tell the stories of people that we would likely never cross paths with otherwise. We get to immerse ourselves in other cultures, other work environments, other businesses, learn about them, find out what makes them work, and what drives them. We get to meet people like Rob who set an example and make lasting impacts on communities and people’s lives. Rob inspired us at FLOWSTATE to look for more ways to give back to our community and we are excited to begin by supporting his organization, Comfort Cases, in an upcoming endeavor.

In the day-to-day grind of work, when you experience something that re-awakens you to the joy of the job, to that “thing” that made you go into the field to begin with, where you can take a step back and look at the bigger, broader picture of your place within that field, that’s a powerful moment. Validation and affirmation of career choice can come in many forms. Sometimes, as a small business owner it can seem elusive because of the many balls we juggle at one time. I was lucky that a moment of validation came via a moment of gratitude for the opportunity to meet someone special because of my work. Working on this project and meeting Rob pushed me to recognize the privilege I have to be able to tell these stories, the privilege I have to be able to work with two amazing business partners in telling these stories, and it reminded me of the rare opportunity we have as storytellers to make a lasting impact in whatever small or large part of our communities we are connecting to.

So, thanks Rob, for the needed awakening and reminder and thank you Dr. Rubinfeld, Kendra and Travis for inviting us into your world to tell this story.


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